#ISTE2016 – 4 Thoughts on Digital Citizenship

Ruha Benjamin describes overt racism and sexism on the web, Michelle Cordy describes the confrontational nature of “Disruption in the classroom”, and George Couros pleads for modeling positive social media practices because we have found ourselves in a position were the technical advances of  our age have drastically outpaced our societies ability to keep up.

I had my definition of digital citizenship challenged during all of these sessions and I’m not quite sure how to put it back together. But here’s were I’m going to start:

  1. Review technology that we are purchasing / promoting for cultural / racial / gender bias.
  2. Continue to put energy into cultivating classroom instruction that infuses technology, instead of disrupting classrooms which can cause confusion, anger, and resentment.
  3. Be more positive. Remember to celebrate in social media, not just share and complain.
  4. Model social media use for students, parents, staff, and the community, while not hiding the negatives. Instead show that positivity can overwhelm the negativity if given the chance.

It is a start…


Heading to #ISTE2016, Excited to be with the tribe!

It has been too long (3 years) since I’ve been able to attend ISTE. Part of it has been a 4,000 mile move from Arizona to Alaska, part the need to focus on building new “local” connections, and part of it was a frustration that the conversation hadn’t changed much in a decade of being an “Ed Tech Advocate”. This February that started to change when I was given the opportunity to lead our Ed Tech group.

Working with my Ed Tech staff rekindled an excitement and passion for teaching and learning that has been present, but not at the forefront of my daily work.

I’m excited to spend the next few days with my tribe of passionate educators, teachers through superintendents. I hope to have my assumptions challenged, skills improved, and connections made.

Look forward to seeing you all soon!