5 super-powers #EdTech staff need

An essential list of “super-powers” that ed tech staff need to be successful!

#1 Solve problems and fix issues
Which requires:

  • Being a good listener
  • Owning individual issues from start to completion
  • Following through on promises
  • Being experts in documentation, policy, and procedures within the district
  • Being situational aware when dealing with various schools and departments

#2 Think forward and innovate
Which requires:

  • The ability to be aware, reflective, and willing to share
  • Not being afraid of failure
  • The ability to judge where emerging ideas fit into the district
  • Being open-minded and aware of our individual bias or preconceptions

#3 Are experts in both adult and child education and learning
Which requires:

  • Understanding of both pedagogy and andragogy
  • The ability to teach different ways to differentiate course content
  • A solid grasp of a variety of learning modalities including: Face to Face, Online (Synchronous and Asynchronous), and blended learning
  • The ability to apply universal design for learning in the creation of learning activities

#4 Connect with others through collaboration, sharing, and facilitation
Which requires:

    • Creating and nurturing relationships both inside and outside the district with both school and district level staff
    • Purposeful promotion and celebration of sharing and collaboration
    • Curation of the resources that are available across the district
    • Matching various like-minded groups within and outside of the district together

#5 Are Expert Communicators
Which requires:

    • Aggregating and filtering Ed Tech information that could be relevant to district staff
    • Maximizing various means of communication within the district to promote resources, trainings, and initiatives
    • Translate IT needs and initiatives to non-technical staff
    • Provide timely, relevant, and accurate information

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