5 Things to Know about Drones in the Classroom

Drone Closeup

My Ed Tech team recently purchased our first drone and it is so COOL Here is a top 5 list of things we learned…

  1. Know the rules of the air
    Our main office is in an old elementary school located on an airbase. Guess what? NO FLY ZONE! Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS), your drone, is governed by the FAA (FAA Drone Regulations).
  2. You must be 16 years or older to fly outside
    Regardless of the height and speed you plan to fly this FAA rule applies. This means that many of our students will have to get their drone practice in the GYM or MPR.
  3. You can program a drone with block.ly
    There are two routes (that I know of) to program drones with block.ly. DJI drones can use Drone blocks

    and Parrot drones can use Tynker.

  4. All drones must be registered with FAA
    They have a nice website Register Your Drone Here

  5. You can get a drone pilot’s certificate
    If you get really excited about using drones, it might be worth it to get your certificate.


Did I mention you can also get VR flight googles?

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