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11 Ways to Express Your Gratitude

February 13, 2018 edsysad 0

We should all be more grateful. As a leader in a non-profit field, it can be hard to convey that gratitude without spending a ton of cash. Here is my list of free or low priced ways to express genuine gratitude.

Colorful Principles Heading

25 Principles to Lead By

February 9, 2018 edsysad 0

John Perry Barlow of the Grateful Dead and Electronic Freedom Foundation fame understood the transformative role of the Internet early than most of us. His list of “25 Principles for Adult Behavior” is a great roadmap to being a happy and healthy modern leader.

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New Year Tech Check

August 8, 2017 edsysad 0

About three years ago our CIO challenged us to solve a major district problem. No matter how productive we were over the Summer break, many […]

Binary Code - 1s and 0s

#CSforall – ISTE 2017

June 27, 2017 edsysad 0

Computer science and computational thinking are finally breaking through to k-12 schools and educators. Here are a few of the great resources that I’ve found […]