How About Education 2.0?

David Warlick’s “Teacher Technology Rant” and rebuttal “Why Teachers Don’t Use Web 2.0 – an historical perspective” by Gary Stager really got me thinking about the difference between Web 2.0, as a cultural phenomenon, and Web 2.0, as a set of innovative technologies.

As a culture, Web 2.0:

  • is thrives on user created content
  • holds freedom/democratization of information in high regard
  • is inherently anti-authoritarian
  • gives equal voice to anybody with a computer
  • holds social networks in  high regard

As technology, Web 2.0:

  • allows your Internet browser to become a collaborative tool
  • permits the sharing of nearly all types of digital media
  • allows for the Internet to become nearly any computer application you can think of

Most educators I have talked with see the inherit value of Web 2.0 technologies, but they do not see the value of Web 2.0 culture. This is interesting to consider. Can you have Web 2.0 technology without having also embracing Web 2.0 culture?

I’m not sure what I think yet.

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