ISTE Digital Learning Summit 2019

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I love a conference that has me so busy that I forgot to check my work emails and ISTEDLS delivered. It was incredible to have an opportunity to talk with peers about visions and philosophy, but also budgets and governing board policies. I had a chance to be with my PEOPLE!

Key Reflections:

  1. Vision + Capable Teachers + Quality Infrastructure = Happy Successful Students and Learning
    1. I think that I’d divide that by sustainability. To often I’ve seen all three of those things funded by a single leader or one time-funds. When the person or money is gone, so is the learning.
  2. Technology change without pedagogical change isn’t just a waste of money, but is a waste of time. This leaves teachers and students with less and less time to learn.
  3. We need to do more to bring our school level staff into the conversation and build collaborative leadership. This will lead to collective efficacy. That would make Hattie proud! 😉
  4. I need to Space Out more….
  5. A culture of success starts with a culture of acceptable failure. (Seems like that is something Yoda would say.)
  6. We need to build on the knowledge and successes of social media and gaming to get our students / teachers excited about learning again .


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