Leadership Lesson: Beware Your Bedside Manner

Bedside Manner Tiles
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Having a sick kid is horrible. Even worse is the jumbling of feelings of stress, worry, and frustration that come from deciding the best way to care for them or whether they are too sick for school.

At this point I’m googling symptoms, debating the merits of going to the doctor, and just feeling a little guilty for not noticing sooner that I forget that the little person is watching everything I’m doing.

If I was just paying attention, I would have realized that I just needed to say, “I’m sorry your sick, it is nothing to serious, and I love you.” Instead I got tears and a child that thought he was dying because I was so intense in my reaction. Parenting fail number 10,057.

Leadership lesson for the day:

“Bedside manner matters and it matters more the greater the authority gap between you and the person you are talking too.”

Even when you have the best intentions in mind, you must guard against actions which project the wrong emotional state or lack empathy.

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