#MondayMotivation – Put life in your years

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“In the end, it’s not the years in your life that count. It’s the life in your years.” Abraham Lincoln

As educators, we are surrounded by people that need us. Students, parents, and other staff draw on our mental and emotional energy. How are you putting life back into your years?

Here’s some ideas for your Spring Break:

  1. Unplug from it all!
    Really…I mean really unplug. Whatever you choose to do over Spring Break, be in the moment with friends and family. Don’t try to capture it or record it. Just be there like we used to before cell phones.
  2. Get outside
    This doesn’t mean trying to climb Mt. Everest or hike the Appalachian Trail, just go for a walk. Countless research articles point to the value of reconnecting with nature and getting some fresh air.
  3. Read a new author or genre
    Get a book outside your literary comfort zone. There are tons of great lists on Goodreads that can help you find something new.
  4. Go analog with your relationships for the week
    This means calling instead of texting or writing letters instead of emails. Go out with some friends with no devices and just enjoy yourself.
  5. Knock something off your bucket list
    If you have one do something on the list, if you don’t make a bucket list and start thinking about how you are going to accomplish your non-work dreams.
  6. Take a nap
    Let your body find its nature sleep rhythm again. Take naps or sleep in if that is what you need.

And if that isn’t motivating enough, watch this TedTalk by Stefan Sagmeister on time off!

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