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New Year Tech Check

August 8, 2017 edsysad 0

About three years ago our CIO challenged us to solve a major district problem. No matter how productive we were over the Summer break, many […]

Binary Code - 1s and 0s

#CSforall – ISTE 2017

June 27, 2017 edsysad 0

Computer science and computational thinking are finally breaking through to k-12 schools and educators. Here are a few of the great resources that I’ve found […]

ISTE 2016 expo hall

A Visit to the Expo Hall

June 25, 2017 edsysad 0

Before you head to the expo hall, I find reviewing my core beliefs about technology and learning help drive more meaningful conversations and find partners, […]

5 Data Myths in Education

August 24, 2016 edsysad 0

Access to data is getting easier then ever for staff at every level from teacher to superintendent. However, access doesn’t necessarily lead to positive learning […]