PSA – Walking and Tweeting…

Seeing Eye Person

I don’t think I’m the only one that has a hard time putting their phone away and dropping out of the back channel during ISTE. However, I challenge you to try because sometimes the most powerful PLN connection you can make is literally sitting right next to you. Embrace the “adjacent possibilities” that occur when you:

  1. Spot a old friend, professor, or college walking the other direction. You not only have a chance to reminisce, but might find out about new opportunities.
  2. Say hello to your PLN “rock stars”. Most of them are normal people and love to connect. Online relationships become even more meaningful when their is a face with a name.
  3. Attend a session and don’t use twitter. Instead take pictures or notes and make an effort to introduce yourself to everybody near your. I promise you the “FOMO” will disappate faster than you think.

I was challenged to unplug during the keynote yesterday and at first it hurt but then I found myself engage in a way I haven’t been in a long time. I even made it most of the way without a single tweet. I couldn’t resist posting the Wagner Radiolab link.

We’ve all spent a large sum of money to be at ISTE in person, don’t forget to make some human contacts. Your PLN will thank you for it.

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