Relevance of Gaming and Game Theory

In a recent blog post by Saul Kaplan he observes:

“Everywhere we turn, it seems there are experts claiming that the best path forward is to engage people with elements of competitive play.”

The article is a good overview and summary of some of the emerging conversations around the area of worker motivation and productivity.

Anybody who doesn’t think this has huge significance in education is asleep at the wheel. Just the thought of gaming, both video and paper/board based, bring back fond adolescent memories of every from D&D, Sonic the Hedgehog, BattleTech, Street Fighter, etc… I can actually see how many of the games I played as youth shaped my critical thinking and problem solving skills.

Most importantly this goes beyond merit badges and silly point boards. There is an honor and prestige to being the first solve a difficult game or find an unexpected hack/bug. This should and can be transferred to learning and exploring.

I think we all need to go read, “Reality is Broken“.

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