Teach Me Something I can’t Google

Google can't answer everything

In a recent article on Business Insider Greg Satell explores the changing work place and how schools are failing to keep up.

His punch list of important skills include:

  1. Working on a Team
    High value work is only achievable by teams and tasks requiring teamwork are among the most difficult to automate.
  2. Communicating Effectively
    Contrary to popular belief STEM skills with effect communication skills is not useful. The most in demand people will be those that can understand technology and communicate clearly.
  3. Learning Patterns Rather than Numbers
    Computers are better at calculations than humans. Our students will be better prepared if we teach them to connect math and look beyond engineering math (i.e. algebra and calculus) to mathematics of patterns (i.e set theory and graph theory).
  4. Learning to Explore instead of Knowing
    Cramming a bunch of facts won’t help much in a world where you can be fact checked from a phone at any moment. Adaptability is the key to the future.

Watching my kids work together building Legos indicates that they already have all of these skills in place. Every one of us in education should be asking, “How are we devaluing these skills in our classrooms or curriculum?”

Seems like a good time to watch, Sir Ken.

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