Top 3 take aways – CS and Makerspace Playgrounds

Computational thinking is no longer just for Computer Science majors

There are a ton of groups working beyond just coding for kids and those groups are doing a great job to broaden the conversation around computational thinking.

  • NCWIT (National Center For Women and Information Technology)

There are also a growing number of folks looking to help educators at all levels engage with PD efforts around computational thinking.

No Fear Coding

I’ve been living without a quadcopter for far too long

Drones are cool. Drones that are easily programed with blockly type interfaces are even cooler. Drones that do all that and can even be transformed into other types of automated devices… WOW!!! Enough said!

There are many non-digital ways to discover computational thinking

I love the from”unplugged lessons” from The binary bracelet was a great way to introduce algorithmic and binary skills in a fun approachable way.

Binary Bracelet#ilovetocode

Other fun stuff

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